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General coding sites

1001 Tutorials, Tutorialsuche, Dokuwelt und Online-Tutorials
provide references to tutorials for all common programming languages. Note that the last 3 sites are in German. Ulli Meybohm
the author of the popular HTML editor Phase 5 provides Proton, a freeware text editor with syntax highlighting for many languages and multiple file processing capability, for download.

Florian Balmer
provides Notepad2, my favourite editor for single files and a superior replacement for Notepad. Supports a large number of languages as well

ftp://x2ftp.oulu.fi mirror http://ftp.lanet.lv/ftp/mirror/x2ftp/
This server contains a vast amount of programming docs and sources. You can find theoretical stuff as well as system programming topics. Contains also a lot of assembly stuff. Due to the fact that it is no longer updated the target OS is mainly DOS. But the theory is still up to date. X2FTP contains also PMODE by Tran, a DOS extender which can be used like DPMI. Heavily recommended for learning about DPMI, protected mode coding and setting up descriptors.

FAQsys (new mirror/remake of it)
FAQ lists are a programmers favourite in getting help. This site contains a enormous amount of them. This link is often traded as an "secret hint".

has many links to free compilers, linkers and other programming tools

Ralph Browns Interrupt list
is a must - have if you want to use DOS functions. Describes also the functions of many drivers, if one is not listed here maybe it is not listed anywhere at all.

Arturo Campos Homepage
covers many texts and links, especially on compression. Has also a good tutorial about using the FPU in asm.

Programmers Heaven
offers a lot of sources and links about nearly every programming area.

Win32 Code for speed
describes a bunch of OS and CPU related stuff for making Win32 code (especially under NT / 2k) faster.

offers a vast amount of background information which even includes an issue about Debug Heap Management within VC.

Beej's Guide to Network Programming Using Internet Sockets
is a recommended start for everyone who wants to start writing TCP or UDP based client or server software. This one makes it really easy to understand the somewhat quirky socket API.

is a blog containing a bunch of interesting articles. Most interesting is VC++ 9.0, msvcrt.dll, Windows 95, a similar article is provided by Kobyk under Dynamically linking with MSVCRT.DLL using Visual C++ 2005

Eloquent JavaScript
is a programming tutorial based on JavaScript with interactive examples right inside the browser. Although targetted for beginners it also explains features which might be new for programmers without proper ECMAScript knowledge as well.

Game and demo programming links

is one of the most popular sites among demo coders. Concentrates on all kinds of demo and game programming, as well as other background articles.

contains game programming resources aimed towards professional game development.

is the leading ressource for 4k and 256b intro coding.

John Ratcliff's Code Suppository
provides many useful snippets helpful for game as well as other devs.

System programming links

is a page mainly for people who want to code in protected mode, ring 0 or use the CPUs internals for debugging purposes. May be interesting if you want to know about bugs in CPUs and undocumented stuff, too.

The complete opcodes, registers and structures as well as other attributes of processors are listed here. However, it does not explain them. Recommended if you already know about asm and/or CPU programming.


Programming from the Ground Up
"An introduction to programming using linux assembly language"

Gives some examples on Pentium optimization. Includes a highly optimized P5 FPU source for fractal generation.

Dr. Paul Carter
offers a book (downloadable as a PDF file) teaching the basics of using 32bit x86 assembly in combination with any standard C compiler. Translations available.

Provides tutorials and links for downloading MASM and TASM.

Assembly Programming Journal
Online magazine about asm topics. Contains information about several OSses.

MoonWare ASM Links
Need more ASM links? Visit this one, it contains links to all main assembler topics.

An easy-to-use sourcecode editor with integrated assembler. Good for trying out 8086 assembler for writing DOS programs.

BareMetal OS
A tiny x86-64 operating system written in assembler with source code, good for learning system coding or as a starting point for own projects.

Assembly under Win32

Win32Asm Homepage#Win32Asm Homepage (Mirror Site)
The Homepage of IRCnet #win32asm. Many Tutorials (a vxd tutorial as well), and the most complete list of win32asm related links.

Jeremy Gordons page
does not only contain the free ressource compiler GoRC (including a description of creating resources using a text editor and the .RC file format) as well as the Assembler GoAsm and Linker GoLink, it also has many hints for beginners and advanced programmers like an explanation of how to trap exceptions under Windows in asm (with source). Really a must-have seen.

If you want to code for Win32 in MASM, this is the page to go to. It includes MASM itself, a huge windows.inc covering the most of the Win32-API and a tutorial for it.

Chris Draganīs Corner,
the page of the writer of the diskmag engine Panorama, provides programs and tools written in Win32Asm with sourcecode.

Dolphinz Win32 ASM HomePage, Test Department and Ronīs Cornucopia
provide many programming tools as well as code snippets and samples.

If you need an IDE for your assembler, you should take a look at this one. Not only for but also written in assembler. Features some other asm stuff as well.

provides a Win32Asm forum.

Koms Bomb Assembly World
is the place to go if you like TASMs IDEAL mode.
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