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The programs listed here are more or less frequently used on my PC while being fast an easy to use, small in file size and few space needed both on the desktop and the harddisk. They are all available at no cost and do not annoy with advertisement. The screenshots are in original size.


CDROMs are rather slow and pretty noisy, but there are better possibilities:

Daemon Tools

This program emulates one or more CDROM drives. Unlike other programs, it does not use a special file format for CDROM images. It uses .iso-files which can be created with any common CD writing software instead. Additionally, it also supports images via network and emulates direct CDAUDIO reading and several copy protection methods. Ideal for transferring frequently needed CDROMS comfortably to the hard disk drive, but it also serves well for testing CDROM images before burning them.
Daemon Tools homepage: Daemon Tools
File size: 210 KB

Mouse and Keyboard

Mouse emulator

If you prefer the keyboard or have to work without a mouse the mouse emulator will help a lot. It is more flexible than the Windows built-in one.
RH Designs Webseite: mouseemulator.browseto.org
This page also offers also a mouswheel emulator, too.
Note: Similar tools use a joystick instead a keyboard: JoystickCursorTool, JoystickMouseTool

System tools

Instead of using the task manager and system monitor shipped with windows, using the following tools is much more convenient:



This small program shows the current usage of RAM via an icon showing two bars indicating the RAM usage. Good for detecting memory wasting programs.
RAMeter is available on http://webdon.com
File size: 46 KB



Similar to RAMeter, this tool informs about the amount of RAM swapped to disk.
Get SwapSee at http://www.powerup.com.au/~marverhttp://www.dassprungbrett.de/behindert/downloads/downswapsee.htm
File size: 47 KB



Everyone has faced hanging or crashed programs. This tool is the better alternative to kick the programs out in a more or less radical way than using ALT-CTRL-DEL.
WinKill download: James Bray´s page
Dateigröße: 75 KB

For the net


This program converts all filenames to lower- or uppercase. Useful for webmasters avoiding problems with Unix systems.
Big2Small is on http://www.fantastic-bits.de/
File size: 176 KB

Gif Optimierer

Graphics in the GIF format can be produced my most graphic programs. But some do not store them with the smallest file size possible, like older GIF animation programs. The Gif Optimierer helps shrinking graphic files which are not already stored in an optimal way.
Gif Optimierer was made by www.berretz.de (download address here, though)
File size: 244 KB


Graphics in the PNG format are the better and more compact choice for web graphics than GIF, especially if you use them with a color depth of 8bit or less. However, most graphic programs do not compress them effectively, thus a separate tool for recompressing them can significantly reduce the file size again.
Kevin Silbermans PNGOut does the job (see the links on his page for an additional graphical user interface).
File size: 36 KB

DUNmon (Dial-Up-Monitor)


If you want to know under Win95/98/ME how fast your connection currently is or how many bytes are transferred through it at the moment there is no way for not using this program.
Problematic connections can also be found out easily. DUNmon resides at http://jongrieve.net/dunmon/
File size: 429 KB

In-depth tools

Process Viewer

Lists all processes with all their threads, loaded DLLs and memory usage. It can also alter priority levels and start your debugger if it is installed properly.
Download: http://www.teamcti.com/products.htm
File Size: 42 KB

Registry Monitor

This program lists all accesses to the registry and can jump to any list item in regedit as well. I managed solving several hard-to-find-out problems with it.
Get it: http://www.sysinternals.com
File size: 139 KB

Tiny Hexer

A comfortable hex editor for Windows which can open multiple files at once and is useable as a disk or memory editor as well.

Mail the Author: webmeister@deinmeister.de

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