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What I have created as well

A DLL full of Icons

Many programming tools and games suffer from the lack of a suitable Icon. In order to solve this I have collected and created some. Icons without correct transparency are also included in their corrected form.
DOWNLOAD icondll.zip (12KB) 28.Feb.99

WinAmp Skin for sky addicts

This skin shows the asteroid named Ida. Complete skin including equalizer, playlist, minibrowser, AVS and SIDAmp.
DOWNLOAD idaskin.zip (60KB) 7.Dec.00

Turntable as animated Cursor

Following a popular turntable...
DOWNLOAD 1210cur.zip (1.5KB) 28.Feb.99


By using this cursor you will point out everything better. Available in GIF as well as in .cur format
DOWNLOAD zeiger.zip (4.3KB) 13.Dez.03 Pointer


My MIDI-Productions... ;-) Requires a good MIDI board. Procyon-Users should load the *.sng - Files inside the Zip-Archive.
DOWNLOAD Midi-Zip-Archive (19 KB) 28.Feb.99
Mail the Author: webmeister@deinmeister.de

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