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A real 3D shooter (now also for Windows)

Some time ago a friend told me about a Computer-Game University somewhere oversea, and there they learn how to write a 3D shooter within 15 minutes. Many repetitions later I had enough of it and said: No problem for me.

Here is the result:

3DTrue, the engine was finished within 15 minutes, but pixeling the mouse cursor lasted at least the same time, not to mention the sound effects... :-)
Under DOS, the setting for the SoundBlaster is read from the BLASTER= -Variable if available, if not it uses the default settings Port 220, Irq 5, DMA 1. Without a SoundBlaster compatible card it won´t run at all. Needs at least a 80386 (DOS) or any PC with DirectX (Windows)
DOWNLOAD 3Dshoot.zip (60KB) 26.Feb.01

CD-Tray ejector

This tool throws out your CD tray. You can create a link for it and assign a keyboard shortcut to it. Or one could include it in a batch file, start it just for the hell of it, etc.
Needs DOS 7.0, that means Win95/98/ME.
DOWNLOAD CDRraus.com (50 Bytes) 28.Feb.99

Harddisk-Power-Down tool

Many (E)IDE harddisks and CD-ROMs support spinning down their motor if it is not used. However, only spin-down after some time of being unused is supported both by the BIOS and Windows. If the timeout is set too short the drive will start and stop much too often, if it is too long, it is not useful at all. For a better use of the power-down feature I created this tool for switching off the first or second drive with one key press even within other applications. There is a version using ALT/CTRL + LShift + RShift and one using the WIN95 - Keys (Hey, now they are useful under DOS, too). This TSR works under DOS, under Windows using 32-Bit-Drivers as well as W95/NT it doesn´t in most cases. The Harddisk or CD-ROM has to support the power-saving feature, of course. Needs at least an 8086/8088
DOWNLOAD HDPower.zip (776 Bytes) 28.Feb.99

Mouse controlled fire simulation

A simple fire simulation which can be controlled in its temperature by pressing the left mouse button while moving horizontally and in its consumption of flammable material by pressing the other button during vertical movement. Needs a 80386
DOWNLOAD Fire.zip (4KB) 28.Feb.99
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