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Clean up your desk by merging the mouse and keyboard cables

Two cables are too much

With the increasing popularity of the computer mouse desks are more and more suffering from the cables hanging behind them.

But you can improve this ugly looking mess with the idea described below. Additionally, the mouse will be protected against broken cable, too. No tools or special knowledge is required and it can be done while making coffee. Works well for hiding USB cables, too.

You need:

First step

Set it up like this

Disconnect the mouse (if you are using a PS/2 mouse donīt forget to switch off your computer first). Then put the mouse connector next to the spiral keyboard cable as shown in the picture:
The mouse is situated next to the keyboard, itīs connector points towards the computer. The mouse cable crosses the keyboard cable above the spiral and the mouse connector points in the same direction as the spiral descends.

Second step

Several turns later

In the beginning hold both cables together on top of the spiral. Move the mouse connector around the spiral cable in a circular way as shown by the arrows in the picture. If everything was done right it will soon look the same way as in the picture
Take care that you just need to move the connector around the cable. The connector itself should not be turned around itself, thus the faces of the connector always point into the same direction.

Thatīs it

The result

Now youīve moved the mouse cable into the keyboard cable, protecting it against physical damage while also having cleaned up your desk.
If you want to rearrange normal cables like this take a look into your local electronic components shop: They usually offer spiral cable strips for fixing cables next to each other.

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