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SpacemouseCursorTool is a small utility simulating keyboard keys using a Spacemouse or similar 3D input device. It can be used for keyboardless navigation in browsers and file managers, playing games, support for special appliances as well as other situations where only a small subset of the keyboard is typically used.




Download: SpacemouseCusorTool (45KB)

Usage of the SpacemouseCursorTool is practically identical to that of the JoystickCursorTools.

It would be useful to create a custom profile in the 3Dx control panel which might look like this one:
This allows you to have one button assigned to recentering the device and another button to open the setup dialog as well.

Note: It might be helpful to increase the process priority of this tool and/or the 3DXWare driver using the Windows task manager to speed up the processing of Spacemouse actions while running CPU-intensive programs (like 3D games or renderers) in the foreground.

Users of USB devices should also take a look at: SpaceNavigator Mouse Joystick Keyboard Driver by RBC9 (3D connexion forum thread: SpaceNavigator Driver - Mouse Joystick Keyboard)

Using it as a MIDI controller: http://acousmodules.free.fr/acousmodules5_en.htm#3Dmidigator (3D connexion forum thread: MIDI converter)

Mail the Author: webmeister@deinmeister.de

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