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A compact PC


There is no rule that standard PCs have to be huge boxes. These one suits well under my stereo...


40cm * 6cm * 40cm
Prizenot much since it was made of old parts which have just been lying around
Weight6 Kg

current configuration

ProcessorK6-2 / 333MHz
Memory96 MB EDO
MainboardStandard 430 VX BAT / Socket 7
Graphic Card4 MB PCI with 3D and TV-Out
SoundcardSB AWE32 ISA with 8 MB wavetable RAM
Network Card100 MBit PCI
Harddisk13 GB E-IDE
Floppy DiskNone, since these are ancient and its functionality is provided by network and USB
CD-ROMexternal via USB, emulated in software or via network
Power Supply40 Watt, passive cooling (now replaced with 160 Watt supply allowing additional components)
OSDOS, Win95 OSR 2.1, Win2k

Tips for Reassembly

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